Make Someone's Day
Deliver Emotion
Bring emotional experiences to digital and physical products
How It Works
Find Your Path
Emotional Commerce is easily adopted across a wide range of use cases
E-Commerce Gifting
Offer your consumers creative control of their gifting experience and integrate Emotional Commerce directly into any online store.

Instead of a written message, gift recipients will receive a personalized video that can be shared and viewed countless times.
Mass Market
Use Emotional Commerce for marketing at scale with the ability to attach secure video content to products and/or marketing materials, speaking directly to your target audience.

Elevate your brand ecosystem while only paying for the engagement received.
What Makes Us the Best?
Brand Ownership
Our easy-to-use platform allows for a fully white labeled content viewing experience.
Maximize each campaign's ROI with the ability to choose between multiple campaign types and pricing models. Update and adjust QR packages in real time allowing for dynamic campaigns.
Campaign settings and content viewing restrictions add another layer of security and ease of mind when marketing at scale.
Measure the success of each campaign with insights into engagement, views and CTA clicks.
Our Mission
Give consumers and brands the tools to create intimacy and emotion in a transactional world.
Set yourself apart with an emotional connection
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