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Emotional Commerce is dedicated to helping brands unlock the potential of personalized video experiences.

By incorporating emotion into your products and brand, we empower you to create authentic connections with your audience that last. Let us help you elevate your brand and drive meaningful engagement through the power of Emotional Commerce.

Personalize your customer experience

Transform a simple transaction into a meaningful exchange, with the addition of a personal video message.

Turn gift recipients into gift-givers

Actionable video landing pages enable you to drive actions and engage with a new audience.

Our Products

Video Gift Messaging

Our patented technology allows your store to offer your customers the opportunity to send a meaningful moment with their online purchase.

EC Code

EC code allows you to deliver video experiences to your target audience across any medium.

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Video Gift Messaging for Corporate Gifting

Video Gift Messaging For Corporate Gifting

Emotional commerce can power your corporate gifting initiatives with the ability to add a video message to every gift recipient and have it delivered digitally, physically, or both! Build deeper connections with your gift recipients by adding a face and personality...

Owning your Store's Video Messaging Experience

Owning Your Store’s Video Messaging Experience

Your store's identity is essential to increase sales and ensure a consistent shopping experience for your customers. Introducing personalized video messages from Emotional Commerce provides a way to connect with your shoppers and make them feel extra special when...

Video Gift Messaging

Increase Revenue with Video Gift Messaging

Video gift messaging has become a popular avenue to send gifts when purchasing online. The fact that most people prefer to receive a personalized gift rather than a generic one has led to further adoption of video gift messaging. With the help of video gift...

Video Gift Messaging The power of a video message

Video Gift Messaging – The Power Of A Video Message

Video messaging is growing in popularity and is the fastest-growing form of communication in media today. video message are perfect for saying “thank you” and “I love you” in a more personal way. Video messages are great for loved ones, friends, family, and...

Video Gift Messaging

Video Gift Messaging – A New Way to Gift!

Are you planning on sending a gift to someone special? Are you going to buy it online? Do not miss trying the new experience of video gift messaging! It is the best way to convey the real emotion behind your online purchase. Like mom always says, it's more about...

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