Video Gift Messaging

Deliver more than just a gift and start offering your customers the opportunity to send a video message with their next online purchase. Emotional Commerce supports video gift message solutions for all types of eCommerce businesses.

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A Complete Gift Message Solution

Gift notes are a concept of the past. With Emotional Commerce, you can either replace or compliment your gift note options by delivering a personal video message on a custom card while directly driving consumer actions.

Video Gift Message delivery is made up of a video landing page, QR code, and card design

Let’s explore each components design customization below

Video Landing Pages

Our design lab allows for easy plug and play inputs for beautiful designs every kind.

Take advantage of a call-to-action button and custom HTML and CSS inputs to drive engagement and further sales!

QR Codes

Maximum flexibility in QR code design and customization makes for engaging codes for every occasion.

ec code

Template – Card Designs

Deliver an automated card experience with card template designs. Upload your own design or utilize one of Emotional Commerce’s default occasions.
Each customer’s unique QR code is attached to a designated occasion template design, which is sent back to your store for delivery.

Video Gift Message Integrations

Shopify App

Magento Extension

Custom Integration

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