Video Gift Messaging

Magento – Video Gift
Messaging Extension

Allow your Magento store customers to add a personal touch with each order through the submission of a secure video message at checkout.

This extension is easy to use and provides a user-friendly environment

Key App Features

Flexible Integration

The Magento extension works seamlessly within your purchase flow and fulfillment

Automated Fulfillment

Fulfill with ease with the ability to automate the delivery of customer videos directly onto custom cards, packing slips, or other locations of choice

New Revenue Stream

Create a new revenue stream by offering your customers the ability to record or upload a video message with their purchase for an added fee

Personalized Experience

Bring your online shopping experience to life with an emotional touch

How it Works

Step 1:

Magento store owner installs
video gift message extension

Step 2:

Customer A visits Magento store owner’s shop, chooses their occasion and adds a video gift message with their purchase

Step 3:

Customer A’s video gift
message is converted into a
unique QR code and sent back
to the store for fulfillment

Step 4:

Gift recipient receives gift and scans
QR code to watch Customer A’s
personal video message

Step 5:

Following watching the video, the
gift recipient is prompted to
purchase a product from the
landing page call to action

Free to Install

Your store is billed $0.95 per customer-generated video. Billing will only occur after the purchase is confirmed. The first five customers are on us!

Visit the Magento App store and download it today.

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