Video Gift Messaging

Shopify – Video Gift
Message App

The Video Gift Messaging App works seamlessly within your Shopify store and can be added in just a few clicks!

Every component of the app and video experience is completely customizable to allow for complete ownership of the entire experience.

Key App Features

Easy to Install

Up and running in just a few clicks,
the Video Gift Message app has an
easy installation regardless of your
theme make up.


A robust API and marketing
platform ensure a consistent and
reliable experience for every


Each customer video is stored
indefinitely on AWS servers for
maximum security and longevity.


Own your store experience with a
fully customizable and white
labeled system.

How it Works

Step 1:

Shopify store owner installs
video gift message extension

Step 2:

Customer A visits Shopify store owner’s shop, chooses their occasion and adds a video gift message with their purchase

Step 3:

Customer A’s video gift
message is converted into a
unique QR code and sent back
to the store for fulfillment

Step 4:

Gift recipient receives gift and scans
QR code to watch Customer A’s
personal video message

Step 5:

Following watching the video, the
gift recipient is prompted to
purchase a product from the
landing page call to action

Free to Install

Your store is billed $0.95 per customer-generated video. Billing will only occur after the purchase is confirmed. The first five customers are on us!

Visit the Shopify App Store and download it today.

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