Video Gift Messaging – Turn Your Gift Recipients into Gift Givers

Oct 7, 2022 | IT Services, Video Messaging | 0 comments

Video gift messaging has the power to connect with shoppers directly. A positive experience through being gifted a product helps overall brand perceptions, but it’s often hard to translate that positive experience into a desired action.

Offering other things to this call to action has guided further conversion. Stores that managed these relations effectively have noticed higher click-through rates and increased overall store traffic.

Adding a video gift messaging offering takes the guesswork out of customer acquisition and enables your companies to acquire the suited customer at precisely the right time.

Rising Costs of Customer Acquisition In the World of eCommerce

You will undoubtedly need to invest in customer acquisition if your e-commerce shop is just starting. However, as you fight to keep clients, you should eventually be able to lower the average cost of acquiring a new customer for your e-commerce business.

This number will vary depending on the products you sell through your online business. Costs to Acquire Customers Have Increased by 222%, According to New Research Refocuses on the profitability and repeat business of online shopping.

The expenses for converting new customers have never been higher. Controlling these costs is the key to making any business a success or failure.

According to Statista, worldwide marketing expense was set to reach 1.3 trillion in 2020. It seems like companies are flowing money in order to acquire new customers. However, it is essential to do so as other competitors are also working in the same way.

Many expenses are involved while operating an eCommerce business, like employees’ salaries, storage location, distribution costs, and many more. Ads and marketing expenses should be controlled and well-planned to enjoy profit. Whether you are a well-established organization or just a startup, you will have to optimize the expense in order to acquire new shoppers.

Ecommerce companies nowadays are looking for new methods to draw fresh customers. According to a recent survey by Duke University, 72 percent of marketers assume that the role of marketing has increased. Moreover, firms concentrating on new acquisitions as their priority have also risen by almost 50 percent. Therefore, they must invest in resources to satisfy the customers’ needs in the present competitive landscape.

ith their potential customers as everyone is on social media and spending too much time.

The Unrealized Audience of Gift Recipients

Ecommerce Gift apps are growing globally, and it is becoming a huge factor for companies. Customers search for it in order to surprise their loved ones with something special. It creates a chance for companies to get the most out of their customers.

Every single client brings one more to the table and connects them with the brand. And the most engaging Ecommerce gifting app is the video gift messaging option. Companies can benefit from the recipients of the gift messaging who know about their brands and are interested in its services due to the personalization.

Therefore, it is better to focus on these potential customers as it will become easy for you to convert these recipients in comparison to those who don’t know about your services yet. Overlooking them will be a huge loss for the company because they are somehow involved with your firm.

Receiving a gift from someone is a great experience that creates a positive correlation between your brand and that individual. However, the current avenues for capitalizing on that correlation are weak. Many of these avenues often come off as trying to push a sale onto that new potential customer, which can diminish their positive feelings.

Using Video Gift Messaging to Drive Actions From Gift Recipients

When the video gift message is physically delivered with a gift, the recipient will open their package and immediately scan into their video message experience. Within this experience, stores have the ability to directly drive actions from the gift recipient with the use of a call to action placed within the video message viewing experience. On average, stores utilizing the video gift messaging app see a conversion rate of 10% for turning gift recipients into gift purchasers.


Companies can capture a new audience when offering video gift messaging by placing a call to action button on the video landing page. This button is placed below the video and can further promote actions by offering some sort of incentive to visit their store, i.e., 20% off on their first purchase. On average, we see a 70% click-through rate for gift recipients clicking on the call to action, which can directly lead to new customers and an increase in sales.

While the video itself is a powerful tool in capturing the meaning behind a gift and creating a special connection between the gift giver, gift recipient, and the gift itself, including a call to action on the landing page opens a direct door to an entirely new customer base.

Turning the gift recipients into customers is essential for the brands in the gifting space. It is a never-ending cycle that should be focused on, and companies must invest in it to stay ahead in this competitive race. It is becoming a significant challenge for companies to add a customer to their loyal customer list. The video gift message app is a valuable tool to add to each company’s acquisition arsenal.