Unlock the Mystery of Gift Giving: Understand Your Customers’ Psychology and Increase Sales

Jan 6, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Gift giving is an art that when done right, creates a powerful connection between your customer and the recipient. Beyond being thoughtful and considerate, understanding the psychology that goes into a successful gift-giving experience can significantly impact your eCommerce store’s sales. By unlocking the mystery of why customers give gifts in the first place, you’ll be well poised to increase both revenue and customer satisfaction – two integral components to a successful business strategy.

Online gift giving can often feel like a transaction because the giver cannot physically see the recipient to gauge their reaction or observe the joy on their face. Additionally, there is no opportunity for the giver to hand deliver the gift and see the recipient’s reaction in person. This can create a feeling of detachment or lack of connection between the giver and recipient.

Connection is essential for a positive gifting experience. It can be the difference between a gift that is appreciated and one that is simply tolerated.

When selecting a gift for someone, it is important to think about what would make them happy. What are their interests? What do they like to do? What are their hobbies?

It can also be helpful to think about what the person might need. Maybe they just moved into a new home and need some kitchen supplies, or maybe they just lost their job and could use a little help getting back on their feet.

No matter what you choose, it is important to take the time to personalize the gift. Add a note with your own personal thoughts or feelings about the person. Tell them why you chose the gift and how much you hope they will enjoy it.

When it comes to gifting, connection is key. By taking the time to select a gift that is perfect for the person, and adding your own personal touch, you can create an unforgettable experience that will be appreciated for years to come.

Improve your shopper’s online gift-purchasing experience to create a more fulfilling experience for all involved.

There are a few ways that online gift purchasing can be improved in order to create a more fulfilling experience for all involved. One way is to have more options for personalizing gifts. This could include adding a written note or allowing customers to record a personal video message with their order. Adding a video message can be an effective avenue for providing connection between the gift purchaser and the gift recipient. 

For example, if I am purchasing a gift for my mother, I might record a video message telling her how much I love her and thanking her for all she has done for me. This type of personal connection can make the recipient feel loved and appreciated, and it can also help to strengthen the bond between the giver and receiver. In addition, a video message can be a great way to show off your personality and let the recipient get to know you better. If you are shy or uncomfortable with face-to-face conversation, a video message can be a great way to communicate with the recipient without having to worry about making a mistake.

Connection is key when it comes to gift giving. A gift that is personal and meaningful will resonate with the recipient, and they will be more likely to appreciate and cherish it. Furthermore, a connection between the giver and the recipient can also increase sales for your store. When people feel a connection to the person who gave them a gift, they are more likely to return to that store in the future.

As the global gift giving population continues to transition from physical purchasing of gifts to more convenient online shopping experiences, it is important for both gift purchasers and gift recipients to still experience a connection that fulfills both parties. By personalizing an online gifting experience, customers can create an individualized product that appropriately conveys thoughts and emotions across distances. Video messaging is another excellent way for customers to express their creativity and thoughtfulness by recording messages tailored especially for the recipient. When adding these elements to the gift giving process, customers can experience a fulfilling connection even if there’s still a physical distance present. At the end of the day, creating a healthy connection in online gifting goes beyond just purchasing with one click—it’s about understanding why we give gifts and making sure we always bring some supplemental feelings attached to them. If you’re looking to continue offering your patrons with these connections through your business platform, reach out to info@emotionalcommerce.com learn more about how you can add video gift messaging capabilities to your customer’s shopping experiences.