Video Gift Messaging – Why Choose It for Business?

Jun 30, 2022 | Video Messaging | 0 comments

Does your online store offer products that are gifted? If yes, why not offer something truly unique with every gift. Personalize your customer’s gifting experience with the newest e-commerce Video Gift Messaging App.

Your customers may love your products, but what they will remember is the special moment they made when sharing their favorite product with a loved one. With e-commerce video gift messaging, you no longer need to be physically together to capture these moments.

Video Gift Messaging – Unboxing Matters!

Video gift messaging is the next-level choice to enhance your customer’s gifting experiences while capturing an entirely new audience in the gift recipients. We believe the experience you give your customers determines your ultimate longevity and brand affinity.

Every unboxing matters – may it be a small or a gift of a lifetime. Let the sender shape this moment and add a personal connection to the recipient right in this crucial moment. Let it bring a long-lasting and deep imprint on the receiver. Stand out amongst the competition, and let emotional connection be the wings that help you fly high!

Why A Good Option for the Customers?

Looking after the customer’s needs is a must, and personalization has never been more essential to gaining your customer loyalty. The following are why video gift messaging stands different in the space of customer personalization:

  • Smiles: Gifts are for smiles and bridging the gap of personal connection. Allow your products shine to their fullest extent by adding another layer of connection with a video message. Not only will you find an increase in repeat sales, but the gifts themselves will be cherished to a more profound magnitude.  
  • Unique touch: No gift goes better without the individual essence of the sender. Let the video messaging be the conduit for the love, happiness, and warmth of the sender to the recipient.
  • Concern: The type of gift your customers choose always defines their love, care, and respect for the receiver. The video message will leave less room for interpretation for the gift recipient about their position of importance.
  • Flaunt: Who does not love to flaunt a special gift? Be the medium of pride when customers find the perfect gift. Let the receivers be awestruck and exhibit it with satisfaction.
  • Exciting: Everyone is spelled with excitement about a present. Allow your customers send thrilling videos just before the reveal of the gift. Let the recipients be the center of love and affection.

The Process of Video Gift Messaging!

Adding this new feature to your gifting platform will be a game-changer for your business. These following are the steps to start:

  • Get on to video message gift and fill out the contact form. Give your company profile and some information on the video gift messaging solution you are looking to accomplish.
  • Based on your business model and e-commerce platform, Emotional Commerce will set you up with the right solution for your store.
  • Once live, your customers will be presented a call to action along their customer journey where they will be able to choose an occasion and upload or record a video message.
  • This video message is securely stored and automatically converted into a unique URL and QR code.
  • Your customer’s unique QR code is saved to their order and made available to fulfill with the rest of their order. No need for any special processes or devices; the entire Emotional Commerce system has been made flexible enough for every fulfilment process.

Visit our platform and reach out with any queries via email or call. Our team will be more than happy to help!

Leverage your Business!

Video gifting is new and unique to experience. But, when it comes to business, it can help your store cater to the needs of both the sender and the receiver. The following is why you will never regret having it on your platform:

Emotional Connection

It helps the sender and receiver feel an emotional connection with each other. Lets them be true to their feelings and helps to recipient read the actual expression on their face.

Video messages also builds trust between your store and the sender for all their gifting needs. With video messaging, your customers will know their personal messages will deliver with their products/services.

Best Ideal

Seeing faces, expressions, and interaction is a basic human need. Be a brand leader that offers and cares for your customers by letting them have a personal video with their purchase. Human connection has never been more critical with the pandemic hitting hard over the past two years.

Be the medium for your gift-givers to connect face to face with their loved ones. Improve and elevate your gifting experience by creating bonds between people!

Forming a brand

Customers need a company that cares for and values their needs and wants. It is the clients that help your store become a brand. Hence, why it’s so important to look after their needs and keep those values above all. 

Be the carrier of personal messages from the sender to the receiver and make a space in their hearts! Elevate your position from a store to a name that every gift comes from!


Good or bad – The customers will always keep the story of their connection with you in mind. Be the best in taking care of them and be the store they choose over and over again.

Create a strong interaction and bond with your customers, and see your firm fly high! Connect not just emotionally but by also looking after their needs and wants in the segments of gifts and trends.


Personalization is a new requirement for every industry. Empower your customer’s gifting experience with video gift messaging and see the widening of your customer funnel.

Expand your customer segment and transform your niche into a personalized offering. Add a new layer to your current offerings and watch the magic of growth it brings to your business! 


Is there anything better than a happy and satisfied customer? With them, you hardly need to worry about your promotions and marketing initiatives. Instead, watch them be the propagators of creating your identity as a must-have brand.

Prioritize your customer satisfaction, delight, and respect, and watch the world of your business transform. Customers are your first marketing pillar. Transform them from aware to loyal customers with your own store experience.


Safety and protection are a top priority for your customers. Security of messages is the best feature that comes with video gift messaging. No longer will anyone peek into the card you send with the gift.

Change the security pattern with modern QR code features and a private server system. With unique designs and card templates, your customer will be the only one to decipher the message!

Choosing the best gifts can be overwhelming. Even more challenging is conveying the thought and feelings behind that choice. Make yourself a brand that listens, cares, and manages not just the customer’s needs but also the happiness and delight of the receiver. 

Let the video gift messaging be the promise to uphold customer relations, sentiments, and human values! Make the world more connected and happier by adding video gift messaging to your store today.