Video Gift Messaging For Corporate Gifting

Oct 18, 2022 | IT Services, video message gift | 0 comments

Emotional commerce can power your corporate gifting initiatives with the ability to add a video message to every gift recipient and have it delivered digitally, physically, or both! Build deeper connections with your gift recipients by adding a face and personality to each gesture and maximizing the effectiveness of every interaction.

The Benefits of Adding Video Messaging to Your Corporate Gifting

Businesses are trying hard to acquire new customers, keep their employees happy, and grow. In order to do that, they are implementing everything available in the market that gives them a slight chance to increase their market presence and customer base, including corporate gifting. Due to this tough competition, everything is welcomed, but very few are sustaining.

Here are a few of the benefits of integrating video gift messaging into your next corporate gifting campaign:


Creating an emotional connection is crucial to any successful gifting campaign. Video messaging allows for deeper connections between the gifter and recipient while adding further personalization to each gift.


One of the most important factors which are often overlooked when considering corporate gifting options is viewership and engagement. Video messaging improves overall engagement with upwards of 98% viewership. Additionally, video is considered one of the best ways to communicate and attract someone as it grasps a person’s mind better than any other method. According to research, 86% of video marketers say video is the most effective in generating leads.


Just like the way it creates a solid impact on the potential customers, it does the same with the conversion rates too. It’s not rocket science when it comes to this. The first person it converts is the recipient itself, and it doesn’t stop with them as they are convered to now a gift purchaser.

Businesses can capitalize on this engagement with support from a solid marketing plan. Video messaging is an extremely effective tool in driving actions, with an average of 90% click-through rate following consumption.

A Broad Range of Use Cases

There are multiple use cases of video gift messaging within the corporate gifting space. No wonder why it is becoming the talk of the town and being utilized by so many leaders in the space. The way it is expanding its reach is phenomenal, and it will continue to do so as it is on its way to becoming an audience favorite.

Here are some examples of the different avenues in which video gift messaging can be leveraged for your corporate gifting business.

Bulk Gifting

Finding the perfect gift for your employees or partners is half the battle, but making them feel valued can make a difference in an effective gifting campaign. Capturing this intent can be made easy through a video gift message.

Sales Development

Empower your sellers to create deeper connections with prospective clients while having the ability to drive actions directly within the video viewing experience. Sales representatives have reported a 30% increase in meeting engagement with the addition of a video.

New Customer Acquisition

Video messaging is an effective tool for capturing new business with the ability to speak directly to your corporate gifting value proposition when following up with clients.

Showcase Partners

Highlight your gifting vendor’s unique offerings with video content that can be added to any marketing collateral.

In-Person Events

Personally engage with potential customers onsite with video messaging and drive your desired actions. Use the data and analytics to ensure campaign effectiveness!

How to get started

Add a video message solution to your corporate gifting business today by reaching out to The Emotional Commerce team will be eager to help develop a custom video solution based on your business needs and help catapult your business into the future of gifting!