Video Gift Messaging – A New Way to Gift!

Jul 1, 2022 | Video Greetings | 0 comments

Are you planning on sending a gift to someone special? Are you going to buy it online? Do not miss trying the new experience of video gift messaging! It is the best way to convey the real emotion behind your online purchase.

Like mom always says, it’s more about the meaning of the gift than the gift itself. Try this new experience with one of Emotional Commerce’s e-commerce partner stores.

Video Gift Messaging – An insight!

While cards and handwritten notes have served their place in conveying a quick message, the world we live in today requires more to garner the excitement and joy we are hoping to capture when sending someone a gift. People believe in cherishing and preserving the gifts they receive from someone special. With video gift messages, these moments can be saved forever.

Let’s review what Ecommerce Video Gift Messaging is? It is a short video clip that customers can place with the gift to be delivered as a secure QR code. It personalizes your purchases and gives the receiver a memorable video message experience. The message is stored on a secure server and encoded in a unique QR code for encryption and decryption.

May it be a birthday or anniversary greeting, a sorry gift, a token of love, an achievement greeting, or a get well soon – let them receive your warmth and love by looking at you directly. Surprise them with more than just a gift with a video gift message.

Why choose Video Gift messaging?

Choosing a video gift message along with regular presents can add several perks. It offers the unique benefit of allowing customers to share why their gift is so meaningful. For the store owner, the following are the top reasons to add video gift messaging to your shopping experience.

  • Unique : It is a different and newest concept trending in the market. Looking for good new things is always exciting and helps differentiate your business.
  • Customization : Gifts all around the world come in similar varieties. Even the most exclusive products have copies around the world. Truly add personal customization of your gift with real emotions.
  • Cost : Choose your pricing model when offering a video gift message to your customers. At $.95 per message, your store can easily upcharge this experience for added dollars with each purchase. Embrace the new era of video gifting without a heavy expenditure. Grab the perk at the best possible prices. 
  • Security : It is one of the best ways to protect any message you send. Locked behind a secure QR code, no longer will you have any unwanted eyes on your special personal message. The unique QR code ensures and promises you security! Privatize your moments and decide with whom you wish to share them.
  • Memorable : Gifts are the best when you can hold them for as long as a memory. Emotional Commerce video gift messages will last a lifetime, so even a perishable item can be remembered for years.

How does it work?

The concept of video gift messaging works for you and the receiver in three different stages. It involves the customer (you), the merchant or space of gift purchase, and the receiver. The concept goes as follows:

Customer’s end

  • Choose a gifting store that offers you the perk of a video gift messages along with the gift.
  • Pick your choice for the present and move it to the cart
  • Once the cart, you will see a call to action to let you record a video message.
  • Record the video according to your needs and ensure to proceed with the checkout, and your message will be sent with your order.

Merchant’s end

  • Once the recording is complete, the merchant will receive a unique QR code containing your video message attached to the order.
  • The merchant will print and place the QR along with the gift to be sent out for delivery.
  • The merchant will dispatch the order. An agent will deliver the present with the QR code to the receiver’s doorstep for consumption.

Receiver’s end

  • The QR code is sure to surprise and awe the receiver. All they need to do is scan the QR code and watch their video message.
  • Once the scanning completes, the app will decipher your message, and there will be a surge of good emotions and an option to lead the recipient back to the merchant’s store with a call-to-action placement.

Choosing the best gifting store

Choosing the best platform for gifts with video gift messaging can be overwhelming. To have the best in hand, never forget to look across what they cater for to a customer. Look for the must-have peculiarities like:

  • Brand : Look for brands that cover the service of video gifting. A brand is a creation of the customers and the public. Hence, it is proof of excellence, trust, and reliability.
  • Background : Look for the provider’s knowledge in video gift messaging and gifting. It will help you know about the quality—the more the experience, the better the journey as a customer.
  • Reviews : Customer feedbacks are an insight into the company’s potential. Look for the reviews before finalizing a firm as the platform for your gifts and video messages.
  • Cost : Despite adding customization, the price must not burn holes in your pocket. Go with the store that delivers it as an add-on to the gift you purchase or offers it at a nominal price.
  • Integration and delivery : The perfect handling firm will never delay your gift delivery. It will always integrate the message within your package and deliver it on time.
  • Easy to function : Choose a store that brings you a simple working mechanism at the receiver’s end. Complex working structures may feel unique but can often confuse the receiver. Go for the simple yet elegant store.

Human beings are social animals. Visiting each other is the basis of life. Without it, humans can hardly strive. Due to the pandemic, video gift messaging is perfect for sharing a personal connection.

Capturing the essence of these feelings and transferring it on a screen is all video gift messaging does on a technical basis. But when it comes to deep thought, it does more than you can ever imagine. It is the means of a bond in an ever so busy world.