Video Gift Messaging – The Power Of A Video Message

Jul 22, 2022 | IT Services, Video Messaging | 0 comments

Video messaging is growing in popularity and is the fastest-growing form of communication in media today. video message are perfect for saying “thank you” and “I love you” in a more personal way. Video messages are great for loved ones, friends, family, and everyone in between. There is so much power in video messages because they stimulate not only sight but sound too.

Video stimulates our senses through body language, tone of voice and eye contact, which creates a more emotional experience for both the gifter and the gift recipient. Delivering a more emotional message deepens connection and creates powerful, lasting moments.

Video gift messaging is seeing an exponential uptake by businesses and professional service providers. Why? Well, video is simply a better form of media than text. Whether you are selling, advertising, educating, or just engaging with consumers, everything is communicated more effectively when served visually than textually.

Statistically, viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% if reading it in text. And that is where the power of a video message lies.

How to Harness the Power of Video Gift Messages

Video is the only medium that conveys visual cues like body language, tone of voice, and eye contact, which are essential components for evoking emotion and reaction in consumers. Drawing out emotion and delivering a meaningful experience to consumers is the best way to build connection and brand affinity. Harnessing the power of video messages is a largely untapped method to gain and retain customers.

Video messages are a fantastic way to engage with customers who are not yet ready to buy. Many businesses are already using video as a customer service tool but have not yet grasped the power of video messaging for retention.

Why is this? This is because companies are not thinking about the strength in prioritizing emotional experiences and customer-generated content. By offering customers video messaging they not only get to have more control of their gifting journey but also immediately create a sense of trust between the brand and their recipient that the brand alone can not deliver.

Video messaging doesn’t stop at a video upload. It is also inclusive of occasions that will accompany the video message. Taking advantage of offering occasions along with the video messages adds an even more intentional touch to a gift. Brands get to design occasions that the customer will choose and the recipient will experience.

Adding this design element encourages further celebration whether it’s a Happy Birthday or Get Well Soon. This additional design element establishes longevity in the recipient’s video gift message experience.

A business must know how to effectively harness the power of video gift messaging for optimal success. We have gone ahead and outlined a few best practices below:

  1. Display the video gift messaging feature directly on the homepage of your website with an interactive example and textual information
  2. Design a CTA that will stand out to your customers
  3. Create engaging occasions for your customers to choose from
  4. Launch a marketing campaign across all marketing channels for the new feature

Maximizing video gift messaging does not have to be a pain, it only needs to be intentional.

What are Personalized Video Messages and How Do They Work?

Personalized video messages are any shareable video content a user wishes to send to their recipient. This can be a video recorded in real-time or an older video that is uploaded. The video content can be anything from a grandmother singing Happy Birthday to her grandson to a best friend sharing an old memory with their childhood friend.

Now how do they work? An online eCommerce store will integrate the video gift message feature into their ecosystem for their customers to use during the gifting journey. A customer will engage with a store’s CTA and choose to add a video gift message.

They will then be prompted to choose an occasion and record or upload a video of their liking. Once they add a video their work is done! The video message is then converted into a unique QR code on an occasion card that will be shared physically or digitally to the end recipient based on the store’s desired delivery method.

Once that recipient receives their gift they will see their QR code card and be incentivized to scan the QR code and view their special video message!

Video messages go beyond the video. They are associated with chosen occasion designs which will be displayed on the QR code card and on the landing page that houses video.

Top Reasons Why Video Content Works Better Than Text

Sure, we have been hearing about video marketing and how it is coming up as the latest cutting-edge tool that allows businesses to scale their marketing efforts in a disruptive and revolutionary way. But is it finally the time to give it a spin and hire some people for it?

Video marketing is indeed a transformative marketing technique. When done right, it can dramatically improve customer loyalty, repeat business, and good old sales or lead conversions.

Wyzowl conducts yearly studies on video marketing trends and the 2022 statistics paint quite a bright picture. Here are some key takeaways from the market research:

  1. 82% of marketers say video content helped them improve dwell time and 87% say that video helped them increase traffic.
  2. 94% of marketers say that video content helps improve the understanding of their product or service.
  3. From reducing support calls (49%) and increasing direct sales (81%) to improvement in lead generation (86%) and improving brand awareness (93%), video content has helped marketers across the board.
  4. 73% of consumers say that they prefer a short video to learn about a product or service vs. 11% who like textual articles/websites/posts more. Others like items such as infographics (4%), ebooks/manuals, webinars/pitches, or sales calls/demos (3% each).
  5. In the last 4 years, the average video consumption of the typical internet users has increased by 1 hour per day from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.
  6. Video content is twice as likely to share than social media posts, articles, and webpages.

Finally, here is the lowdown on the channels that video marketers prefer in 2022 (compared to last year):

● YouTube: 88% (-1%)
● LinkedIn: 68% (+5%)
● Instagram: 68% (+10%)
● Facebook: 65% (-5%)
● TikTok: 33% (+13%)
● Instagram TV: 30% (same)
● Twitter: 29% (-2%)
● Facebook Live: 26% (-2%)

What Is the Best Way to Send a Video Gift Message?

So, now you know what video messages are and how to use them best. The next natural question is how to send these messages?

The easiest answer is digitally or physically. The preferred method of delivery is simply based on a store’s current fulfillment and desired flow. Our recommendation is to always send video gift messages physically.

The video gift message application easily integrates into various fulfillment methods so as to not disrupt a store’s operations. As you now know video messages are accompanied by occasion card designs. These cards are automated upon video upload and ready to print.

Download the Video Gift Messaging app today and take advantage of the power of video messaging for your business.