Get Ahead of The Holiday Season And Add a Video Gift Messaging Solution Today

Sep 21, 2022 | IT Services, Video Gift Messaging | 0 comments

Video messages are not just a gift for the sender and receiver. It is an emotion they use to express their feelings and communicate with the ones they can’t meet personally. So start offering your shoppers the opportunity to add a video gift message option for all types of online businesses.

Seize the 2022 Holiday Season Opportunity

Shoppers always demand a better experience, and eCommerce store owners must provide the same. With so many holidays and occasions spread throughout the year, it is now a requirement for e-commerce retailers to tailor their store offerings to support every gifting initiative. This Holiday season is, without a doubt, the most significant opportunity for e-Commerce gifting.

The market for customized gifts grew particularly in 2022. Since the inception of the pandemic, the channels of human interaction have varied completely. Individuals are working remotely, and digitization is also on the rise, changing the entire gifting module. As a result, people are choosing virtual options even for gifting.

Therefore, firms are attempting to refill the gap formed due to the shortage of human interaction through personalized gifting. The craze will likely stay, and the virtual economy can drive this trend further.

Opportunities are obvious despite the variety in the gifting industry, and the personalized gifting demand increased up to 400% in the last 5 years. And the industry’s total revenue is anticipated to hit $77 Billion by 2022. It shows the power of the industry, and the growth represents how rapidly it is gaining popularity and evolving as everyone needs for further customer personalization opportunities.

Increase Your Market Share With a New Exciting Customer Experience

Personalized customer service is all about treating shoppers as individuals. But, unfortunately, it has become quite tricky in a time when shoppers can purchase your products and services from practically sitting anywhere in the world.

As a result, shoppers anticipate stores comprehending their distinctive tastes and selections and engaging them as individuals instead of customer types. A personalized customer experience makes this achievable by providing tailored messaging, offers, and products to each individual.

Firms can also show shoppers that they respect them by using their selected channels, enabling them to drive the conversation from one medium to another as required, and linking them with communication center representatives who hold the necessary expertise to respond to their queries or settle their concerns.

Shoppers nowadays consider personalization as the default criterion of attention. Modernization and this sudden growth of digitization revved this craze, putting shopper commitment up for grabs.

A report from Emplify suggests that 49% of shoppers have quit a brand in the past year because of an unsatisfactory shopper experience & 86% of shoppers would quit a brand just after two unsatisfactory incidents.

During the pandemic, most of the shoppers shifted to a new store, product, or shopping process. The stress is undoubtedly on the firms that have not yet embraced a personalized customer experience, but there’s a chance for the ones that get it right. Moreover, firms that excel at personalization generate higher earnings from those actions than moderate parties.

Personalization is incredibly efficacious at driving repeat attention and commitment over the period. In addition, frequent interactions assemble more information which helps brands design more practical experiences. Finally, it develops substantial shoppers and their lifelong commitment.

According to Forbes, 83% of administrators sense unimproved CX introduces them to significant revenue and market stake risks & 74% of shoppers are at least somewhat likely to purchase based on experiences only.

How to Add a Video Gift Message Solution to Your Store

To evolve as the shoppers’ first choice for gifts, you need to make your shopping experience easy, flexible, and personal. And the right moment to trigger this is now.

Regardless of your store’s eCommerce platform, video gift messaging can readily be added to the shopper journey and give your shoppers the power to personalize each gift. In order to get the most out of this personalization offering, your store should pursue these promising approaches.

  1. Consult with Emotional Commerce for custom video messaging solutions and delivery.
  2. Promote video message offering through your store’s traditional marketing channels.
  3. Showcase Video Gift Messaging on the homepage of your website
  4. Design landing page occasions to fit with key holiday dates & call to action catered to post-holiday sales.

If you are on Shopify or Magento and would like to manage your execution, reach out to their separate marketplaces to download the app today. If you are functioning on a custom store or a platform outside Shopify or Magento, please get in touch with the emotional commerce team for a consultation and implementation strategy to get started today.

Regardless of the platform, all solutions are flexible and customizable to fit stores of all shapes and sizes. Emotional commerce will supply your store with the necessary elements to provide a video message experience utterly native to your store’s architecture. Adding this new attribute to your gifting platform will be great for your business. You are just a few steps away from connecting with your shoppers.

The shoppers will click a Video Gift Message call to action (button, banner, or embed) positioned within your store and record their videos messages. Once they complete their purchase, the video will automatically be altered into a safe and unique QR code securely sent back to your store and linked with the order. Adjustable delivery alternatives allow the video experiences to be fulfilled on your terms.

Visit our platform and reach out with any queries via email or call. Our team will be more than happy to help!

Capitalize on Your Holiday Acquisition Costs

During this holiday season, add a video gift messaging solution to your store to enhance your shoppers’ experience and make it a memorable moment for them to cherish. Holidays are remembered for interacting with loved ones and celebrating this grand moment, and what will be better than gifting them something they adore along with a personalized video message?

Personalized video messaging not only enhances shoppers’ experience but also provides online stores an option to increase their brand awareness in many ways. For example, when someone sends a gift to the recipient, they also get to know about the store and its products and services.

In addition, connecting with gift recipients can lead to new customers through actionable landing pages and doubling the value of each conversion.